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Black Belts of Five Claw

Shizong Dan Sandelin

ShiZong Dan Sandelin is the founder of Five Claw. He has been studying and teaching Kung Fu for over 30 years. His teaching style encourages students to achieve levels of technical skill and power that far surpass their expectations. Meet ShiZong Sandelin at our original Sonora School.

ShiGong Zachary Leslie

Shigong Zach Leslie began training in Shòu Shù Kung fu when he was 12. A well respected martial artist, he gets everyone's attention when he is on the mat.

Shun Shifu Jonathon Verceles

Shun Shifu Jonathon Verceles began training in martial arts when he was about three. He has been training closely with Shizong Sandelin for over 9 years. He is certified in knife training and knife tactics as well as urban combative tactics.

Shifu Rebecca Lance

Shifu Rebecca Lance has trained in a variety of martial arts, from judo, hapkido, Kuk Sool Won and Bagua. Five Claw, however, is her home, and the base of the finest martial art instruction she has ever found. She has been training closely with Shizong Sandelin for over 8 years.
In addition to training in combat arts at Five Claw, she is a Master of Medical Qigong and and a certified acupressurist. She heads up the Qigong Programs at Five Claw. For more information on Qigong training, see her website:

Shifu Nicco Sandelin

Shifu Nicco Sandelin has been studying kung fu with Shizong Dan Sandelin since the age of three. In the course of his training, he also had the privilege of training extensively with Shigung Zachary Leslie. By the age of 15, he was teaching adults, and was already being acknowledged as having excellent teaching skills.

Shifu Jon Eaton